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gentle power


a midwife’s introduction to flower essences


14.August 2021


This workshop is open to all those working in the midwifery or doula communities. Though it is geared towards introducing flower essences into the midwife's birth bag! MEAC accredited CEU certificates will be available for midwives at the end of this class ~


In this online workshop we will explore the world of flower essences & their gentle, yet potent place in the midwife’s tool kit alongside the honey sticks, Shepard's Purse tincture, & suture kit. 


Flower essences are energetic remedies that support vibrational shifts in the Spirit, mind, & emotional bodies. They are extremely easy, intuitive, non-invasive, and accessible remedies to work with.


Together, we will discuss common issues that arise in a midwifery practice, & touch upon a few specific essences to work with during the prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum periods. We will also leave plenty of time for Q +A.


Each member will leave this class with:

-- foundations of flower essences: what are they, why use them?

-- ideas for integrating essences into their practice

-- confidence in bringing essences into their practice & describing them

-- a deepened understanding of energy medicine

-- helpful worksheets to reference, including a repertoire of essences for clientele, & a repertoire of essences for a midwife's self care

-- a single flower essence from the recommended essences we cover in our class time

-- a MEAC accredited CEU certificate 




Class details:

 Tuition for the series is sliding scale, $45
 Class will take place on Zoom

 All class participants will be sent a package prior to our meeting with a single flower essence

⁘ Class participants are able to receive MEAC accredited CEU's for taking this course

⁘ A one-time shipping fee for the flower essence will be added to your course purchase upon checkout

Class dates + times in 2021: 

Saturday : August 14

2-4pm, EST



Chanelle is a monitrice who has had the great fortune to have begun her midwifery training through the MEAC accredited Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine, whom she has also apprenticed under. Additionally, Chanelle has apprenticed with Midcoast Midwifery & to have been a birth assistant to Georgeann Wiley in Savannah. Chanelle was trained as a birth doula in 2011 by ToLabor & as an abortion doula by Boston Doula Training in 2012. 

Though her midwifery studies are currently on hold, she continues to love, support, & work alongside of the CM & CPM midwifery community.

more, soon ~

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