each month, an essence

each month, an essence

Flower essences are absolutely my favorite form of medicine ~


They are gentle, potent, & have made the greatest impact on my own personal healing in addition to that of the beautiful clients I work with. 


This mail correspondence course is designed to introduce you to the world of essences, each month, right to your doorstep.


There are three options available. Each is a flat rate payment, with a one-time shipping fee applied upon checkout:


1 month = $20

6 months = $118

12 months = $232



Each month, you will be sent a package containing:

❇ a single flower essence in a 2 dram bottle

❇ a printed booklet that corresponds with the month's essence + includes a description, ritual, & meditation page 

❇ an invitation to email me with questions/thoughts about each essence package


--- plus ---


❇ a handmade intro to flower essences booklet (for 6 month subscriptions)

❇ a handmade intro to flower essences booklet + a custom flower essence blend (for 12 month subscriptions)




  • please note

    my essences arrive in stock bottles that are formulated with equal parts spring water : locally distilled grape spirits.

    please let me know if alcohol is a concern for you --- i am able to use an organic apple cider vinegar base upon request