⚘ m i l l e ⚘ t~shirt ⚘
  • ⚘ m i l l e ⚘ t~shirt ⚘

    some of my very favorite t-shirts have been permanently "borrowed" from my father's wardrobe ~ he is 6 foot 5 inches & quite a bit wider than i am, too


    i just love being in a billowy, large swath of fabric & always have. you know the kind: the soft (but not slippery soft) cotton that allows  for a certain kind of spaciousness & mobility


    when i decided to create t-shirts of my own, i wanted them to be emblematic of what i like to wear ~ thus, these shirts are all oversized, soft, & billowy 



    mille is the name of my sound-collage project, that gives a nod to one of my favorite plant medicines: chamomilla. i create atmospheric & improvised landscapes with sound & vibration that are fleeting, yet deep like a cavern


    similarly to my process with flower essences, mille is all about the moment & the environment. i work with my harp, voice, kazoo, cassette tapes, field recordings, & various pedals to conjure the essence of that night into music


    mille is a process of letting go ~ of creating from the ethers to give back to the ethers. although i do record periodically, the foundation of my soundwork is rooted within the process of capturing & releasing vibrations back into the wild




    my dear friend ryan martin designed the beautiful image on the front of the shirt while listening to some of my recordings 


    the back features the name mille in my handwriting


    100% cotton, ring spun


    printed by my friends, TANNIS ROOT in raleigh, nc


    • ⚘ sizing chart ⚘


      Sleeve length = 8 ¼ 

      Full body length = 28 ½

      Width = 20 ½



      Sleeve length = 9

      Full body length = 30

      Width = 22 ½



      Sleeve length = 9 ½

      Full body length = 31 ½

      Width = 24 ½