chanelle a. bergeron

Grew up amongst the mossy, misty stones of Reigate, England & in the woods of the Northeastern United States ~ though she has recently made her home in the triangle area of North Carolina.

Chanelle is a flower essence devotee, intuitive herbalist, monitrice, poet, & soundscaper. 

Chanelle is immensely grateful to her teachers: 7song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine; the MEAC-accredited, Birthwise Midwifery School; the poets Elaine Kahn & Joanna Penn Cooper; & most especially for Kay Parent who, for the past decade, has been both a mentor & inspiration to her work.

When Chanelle is not in the apothecary, you will find her making improvised & atmospheric sound-collage music under the name of allesandre, playing in her gardens, submerged in the water, or writing poems




Interviews & other media can be found by clicking the photo below:



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