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Essences are gentle, yet potent forms of water-based medicine most commonly made with flowers, but can also be made with trees, stones, & even environments.

Essences are remedies that resonate--like the pluck of a harp string--in the body. 

By their very nature, essences help us to let go of restrictive patterns & through their vibrations within our own unique energetic fields, create lasting transformation.


Like all energy or vibrational medicine, essences know where they are most needed in the body & spirit. They work in conversation with our own innate wisdom to create the shifts we need.


Essences bring us the medicine of the subtle, poetic language spoken between all things. They bring our healing journey into a deeper conversation with the power of the invisible yet undeniable world of feeling.

And, of course, they offer us element of water which traverses all routes & dissolves all things over time. It is in water that the true magic of essences lies.


Chanelle has been creating essences for over a decade & is still constantly learning, being guided by the energetic threads which tie us all together in this great dance of life. She loves essences because they help us tune into this dance, to learn our steps in the choreography, & to gracefully, rhythmically move with our part in it all.


Chanelle's approach to creating essences is very intuitive, but grounded in the tradition & in intention. In her process, Chanelle draws upon the moonlight, sunlight, & starlight ~ the surrounding environment & celestial happenings around her while creating an essence.


Essences are meant to be worked with in low-doses --- a recommended dosage is 1-3 drops at a time.

Essences may be taken internally or used externally: play around with them, because of their intuitive nature, most people find the best way to use them is by experimenting.


Please note:

Essences are *not* essential oils or perfumes. Instead, these are water & alcohol-based, energetic preparations.

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& mineral essences


tree & shrub


flower essence

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