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Along the Path
Intuitive Guidance

These intuitive guidance sessions honor your own inner compass & wisdom ~


There are times along our paths, that we could benefit from a helping hand, a little guidance, or a different perspective. 


These sessions provide opportunities to learn, explore, & converse together. I hold the space for you to delve into inquiry, find nuance, ask questions, & become curious.


The aim is that you arrive at the end of our session with your compass dusted off, tuned up, & ready to navigate again: these sessions offer intentional space to receive more clarity, knowing, reminders, & confidence.


During our session, I will meet you where you are, ground us into our time together, & tune into the subtle energies of what you are sharing. I will also share any insights I receive during our time together.


I may pull an oracle card, we might do a meditation, some embodiment work, or another form of divination. I may also offer to mail you a remedy following our session together if it comes up. 

Chanelle may also recommend a custom flower essence blend following the reading to facilitate & support what comes up in your session ~


Along the Path


⁘ 90 minutes in length

⁘ in-person or over the phone

⁘ Sessions are $125

Book here ~

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