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Chanelle offers in-person & long distance mentorship opportunities to fit each person's unique desires for learning. These sessions are meant to guide you on your path & assist you in building lasting relationships along the way.

Many people who seek a mentorship with Chanelle want to deepen their connections to:

-- flower, plant, mineral, & environmental essences

-- herbalism rooted in folk tradition

-- ritual, ceremony, offerings

-- the birth-life-death cycle

-- cultivating awareness of & relationship to the seasonal wheel 

-- folk magic, divination practices, & tarot

-- working with/honoring the elements & the moon

-- honoring synchronicities & deep listening

-- energetic wellness for self, home, land, & loved ones

-- creative practices & processes

-- writing: poetry, prose / personal & professional

-- the more subtle languages of the world

-- the threads of their own unique intuition & wisdom



Every mentorship is structured in collaboration between you & Chanelle ~ upon an initial conversation, the shape of your mentorship & what you'd like to delve into will be discussed & mapped out.


These mentoring sessions give you the chance to share with me & receive some of my insight, perspective, advice, & affirmation.


They offer a 90 minute container for us to explore what it is you'd like some guidance with, around ~

The cost of each mentorship is built on a sliding scale.

for more information, please reach out via the contact form or by email

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