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In Quiet Observance
Spirit Work

observance (n.) "care, concern, act of paying attention (to something)," directly from Latin observantia "act of keeping customs, attention, respect, regard, reverence" 


This offering of energy work is rooted in the quiet ritual practices that Chanelle has cultivated over the past 20 years.

They are blessings & energetic movements enacted by Chanelle upon the healing work you are already doing, just beginning, or unsure of how to enter into.

They are acts of reverence & care for when you or a loved one needs bolstered support in body, spirit, mind, or emotion.


They are like a cup of water for the spirit, an energetic altar for when you feel you need an extra hand, a subtle whisper to hold you or to nudge you on your way.


Prior to an observance, Chanelle will 

- ask you to share your concerns &/or the areas you need support in at this time 
- give you a short questionnaire to be completed before the observance begins

- choose a date with you to perform your observance 

- ask your permission to tune into your subtle body 

- request that you offer something beautiful & personal to the earth & to your own guides


During an observance, Chanelle will 

- spend time preparing to hold space for your spirit

- devote her undivided presence, concentration, & energy towards you for one hour

- offer energy work & prayer in the form of meditation, song, movement, incense, plant medicines, physical objects, & spoken word

- offer vibrational medicine to your subtle body, the earth, waters, stones, or skies for you

- ask for any guidance or messages of support for you 

- perform automatic writing for you

- close off the observance with prayer & gift to keep our boundaries & allow your own subtle nature to take over


Following an observance, Chanelle will 

- share any feedback or impressions she received via email 

- offer suggestions or guidance which may arise during an observance

- recommend ideas for continued ritual that can be easily implemented & practiced on your own

- may send you a single remedy to work with within the week of your observance


A note on the remedies offered:

⁘  The primary remedies Chanelle may send you following an observance are essencesspirit drops, tinctures, elixirs, infused vinegars, tisane blends, ritual, & devotions





⁘ These services are conducted remotely, at a distance: Chanelle offers these ceremonies in the quietude of her deep & solitary concentrated practices 

⁘ Due to the slow & attentive nature of these rituals, Chanelle has created a waiting list

Observances are $120

Custom remedy + shipping is an additional $25 

Request an Observance here ~

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