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the pearl vine quarterly
☼ good morning all + happy solstice ☼ i

There’s no clock like the sun & no calendar like the stars.

-- Hope Mirrlees

The Pearl Vine is a quarterly newspaper, released on the seasonal Solstices + Equinoctes & snail-mailed to those who subscribe.


Each issue is devoted to a single season & features the wisdoms, writings, recipes, & artwork of some incredible herbalists, artists, & creators from all over the world ~ stranding all their beauty & knowledge together like pearls on a vine.

Because The Pearl Vine is printed on newsprint, we do encourage you to recycle it, add it into your compost or garden, use it as wrapping paper, or the likes!




: contributer info :


The Pearl Vine is currently accepting submissions for Summer 2021 --- for submission information

please email me~


~ click on the photo below to learn more about the past contributers ~

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 12.16.39

*photo taken by sarah borodzik of chicory kin

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