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Turning the Cards
A tarot reading

Tarot is a rich visual language which helps to communicate that which exists between the lines of our lives. As a long called upon tool of divination, tarot provides a wealth of imagery, story, & insight that lends grace to our highest good & our futures.   


My mother gifted me with my first deck of tarot cards at the age of 7 & they have been a part of my life ever since. My reading style is a combination of channeling, intuitive interpretation, knowledge of symbolism, & is of course influenced by the great readers I have had in my own life.


If you are at a crossroads or have a burning question; need a refreshing outlook, clarity, guidance, or fresh perspective--then
tarot may be extremely enlightening for you.

Tarot is also a beautiful gift to give or receive on birthdays, seasonal markers, rites of passage, or upon the new year.


Each session also offers some practical & magical suggestions for change & healing in regards to what the reading touches upon.

Chanelle may also recommend a custom flower essence blend following the reading to facilitate & support what comes up in your session ~

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⁘ 60 minutes in length

⁘ in-person or over the phone

⁘ Sessions are $125

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