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client testimonials


"Chanelle is a highly gifted and special healer. She has a radiant presence and seeing that is clear, deep, and distinctive ~ full of curiosity and glee. A masterful healing artist and seer. I feel lucky to have found Chanelle. She is an incredibly radiant, clairsentient healer and artist. Her sessions feel of water healing and the masterful art of deep listening--tributary like in cadence and full of curiosity, benevolence, and depth. Chanelle has a powerful intuition and healing art practice - able to masterfully navigate you through the landspace of your inner world--its nuances and intricacies--to get to the heart of the matter. Each session I finish with Chanelle leaves me filled with clarity, insight, and deep magic work that is felt to the bone. Her presence and offerings in your life will be transformational and a true gift." -- Alicia H.



"Wow. Chanelle, you are a gift to us all. I'm so grateful for you and your ability to translate the human and plant worlds for a healing connection. There were many things we talked about during our session and you were skillfully able to listen for the truth behind the words and name the most important points, weaving it all together in an accessible, easy to put into practice way. Thank you so much!" -- Sevan, of Starry Serpent


"Working with Chanelle is like walking down the street and picking up a piece of paper on the sidewalk. You look at the paper and there is a poem written on it that feels like it was written for you. How could this poet know so much of what I need, things I didn't even know I needed? You tuck it into your pocket and clutch it in your hand as you continue on your way. It repeats in your mind and unravels the thoughts and feelings that have been binding you. You didn't know you needed these words, but the words shifted something inside of you and things start to change. Slowly, without dramatics and without a strong conscious effort. It's a strange ephemeral way to change, one you haven't quite experience before. This is what working with Chanelle feels like. She offered the words that I needed, the advice I would have never expected, and she sent me the essence I craved."

- Jayna Anderson of 5th Dimension

"Working with Chanelle was like having a conversation with an old friend who understands you, listens to you, and knows how to help you in the most subtle ways. Her advice is on point ad she always remains flexible an open during our conversations, paying attentions to the shifts and messages that come though. I cannot recommend her enough. Working with her and using her remedies have changed my perspective, my health, and my connection to myself and the world around me in the most positive way."

- Leonora Simonovis, poet



"Chanelle is unbelievably skilled in so many healing & intuitive modalities, yet so humble at the same time. she's made major impacts in my life with just a few readings, & has helped me come into greater empowerment & alignment. I cannot say enough good things about her work & how it's shifted trajectories & choices in my life in positive directions. Not many people can integrate all these forms of healing as seamlessly & knowledgeably as chanelle does, & she has a special knack for knowing just what it is that each person needs"

- Katarina Weiss Andersson 

"As someone who works closely with flower essences i can say with great confidence that Chanelle understands the value, importance, & impact of plant medicine. Her offerings emanate an intuitive flow which reaches into the deep. I know when there is a positive force behind the medicine I use & certainly Moon by Moon embodies that. I've been fortunate to experience the gentleness of Chanelle's tea blends & both flower & stone essences. The plant medicine she offers is full of nourishment & good intentions & I couldn't be more pleased to have experienced the beauty of her work"

- Sarah Borodzik of Chicory Kin

​"chanelle's magic found me at a pivotal point in my life & has been profoundly influential in guiding that pivot into a dance~in retrospect i'm a little in awe of the rhythm rippling through the reflection. her remedies are gently & deeply potent, her words are song, & i learn just as much from what she *doesn't* say as i do from what she does; her intention permeates & moves. i benefit from her creations & shared musings infinitely& i'm so glad for this new window of learning from such a knowing heart!"

- sadie goulet of sadie's stitches


"working with chanelle has changed my life. i am a recovering alcoholic & chanelle has helped me gain clarity in my recovery of who i am & who i want to be. she gives me sound, practical direction to help me bring a practice of mindfulness & self-acceptance into my everyday life. chanelle also helped me recalibrate my gut which has been a struggle of mine since i was a child. thanks to her & her herbal remedies & recommendations, i am medication free & regular for the first time in 20 years. chanelle is gentle, thoughtful & kind. she has a wonderfully calming presence & is extremely professional. chanelle knows her business, yet remains humble & teachable; she never forces you or interrupts you. i love her curiosity, compassion, enthusiasm &insight. she is truly gifted. i am grateful to chanelle because she helped me save my life. it's my pleasure to continue working with her & reaping the benefits of her expertise & guidance in my life. with chanelle's help, i have gone from merely surviving my life to thriving"

​- laura, raleigh/nc


"over the years i've known chanelle, we've worked together for intuitive counseling sessions, each time during big moments in my life & each time they've been so meaningful & opening & healing. we just had one this weekend, & already our conversation & her suggestive guidance has been so helpful. so. i mean, really... give her a look, even if you think, 'well, is this my thing?' i'm sure you'll find something that moves you"

- anna, austin/tx

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