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under the moon tree

under the moon tree is a bi-seasonal series that meets once per month, over the span of 5 weeks 

these seasonal meetings reflect the wisdom, rhythm, & energy of the natural world. each class gathers around a single plant, which we will explore together through our senses, meditation, materia medica, lore, story, medicine making, & conversation

all students will leave each meeting with a preparation of the plant we delve into, readings, prompts, & ritual to work with on their own until we gather together again

class size is limited! though it is recommended that you commit to all 5 classes in the series, you are also welcome to drop into single classes if room permits

under the moon tree is a slow & immersive learning, that fosters intuition & encourages curiosity ~ as such, all levels of experience are invited to join 

spring-summer 2020 gathering dates:

-- march 25th (wednesday)

-- april 27th (wednesday)

-- may 20th (wednesday)

-- june 24th (wednesday)

-- july 22nd (wednesday)

:: each meeting occurs from 4.00 - 7.00pm at the herb cottage

:: tuition is $333 

* there is a $50 non-refundable deposit fee upon enrollment

* a payment plan is available

* single class drop in is $70 ~ please email me for availability!

:: to enroll or for any questions, please send me an email

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