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Water Sight
Essence Consultations

Essences are gentle, potent forms of energetic medicine most commonly made with flowers, but can also be made with trees, stones, & even environments.

Like all energy medicine, essences know where they are most needed in the spirit & the body. They work in conversation with our own innate wisdom to help us create the shifts we need, to find the balance we seek, & to embody our truest self. Essences seamlessly combine the poetic with the power of the invisible world of feeling, & of course the element of water--which is able to flow through & to all things. It is in water that the true magic of essences lies.


During these sessions:

- we will create a safe, conversational space to let your story & concerns to be held within

- discuss your temperament & constitution 

- set goals, intentions, or hopes for your formula

- allow intuition, spirit, & deep listening to be our guide

- Chanelle will offer feedback & impressions during the course of the session

Following these sessions Chanelle will:

- formulate an essence remedy for you to work with 

- provide holistic recommendations to explore with

- offer ideas & suggestions for practical ritual to weave into your days & support your healing work 


Do note:

the cost of one remedy & shipping is included into the overall price of this session​

- at this time, Chanelle is able to offer three lower-cost sessions per month -- please contact for upcoming openings



Initial sessions are for new clients & serve as the first step on our path working together. They are:

⁘ 90 minutes in length

⁘ in-person or over the phone

⁘ custom remedy + shipping is included 

sliding scale, $150 - $200

Book here ~


Returning sessions are meant to build upon & deepen our work together. They are:

⁘ 60 minutes in length

⁘ in-person or over the phone

⁘ custom remedy + shipping is included 

⁘ sliding scale, $125 - $150


Book here ~

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