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have one on me

& frequently asked questions

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Further information & frequently asked questions can be found below 


It is Chanelle's intention to make her consultations as accessible & affordable as possible. She offers 3 lower cost sessions each month, as well as sliding scale options for most of her consultations. Trades are considered ~ 

The most common remedies offered following a session with Chanelle are:

flower, gem, & environmental essences, tinctures, vinegars, tisanes, spirit drops, & infused oils 


Chanelle welcomes long-distance clients

including those who live outside of the United States. Phone & Zoom are available for those living in other locales

In person consultations

are currently on hold during the pandemic, but are held at Chanelle's studio, The Herb Cottage just southeast of downtown Raleigh, NC

Cancellation policy: 

Please notify Chanelle within 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule, unless it is an emergency *missed appointments (or less than 24 hours notice) will be a charged half the total cost of your chosen session*

Client Testimonials 

can be found via this link ~~~

If you still have questions: 

Chanelle offers a free, 15 minute phone call for those interested in working together  


During a Have One on Me Call:
You can ask Chanelle questions about any of her consultations, her experience & practice, what to expect from a session together, share what you are looking for in a consultation with her, or parse out which session would best suit you at this time.

Click here to book your Have One On Me session 

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