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Beltane Season ~

With light fantastic toe the nymphs

Thither assembled, thither every swain;

And o’er the dimpled stream a thousand flowers,

Pale Lilies, Roses, Violets, and Pinks,

Mix’d with the greens of Burnet, Mint, and Thyme,

And Trefoil, sprinkled with their sportive arms.

Such custom holds along th’ irriguous vales,

From Wreken’s brow to rocky Dolvoryn,

Sabrina’s early haunt.

-- The Fleece

On the first of May, we officially enter into the Beltane season, the little slice of time between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice ~

All of nature is in blooming force, the winds rippling through the leaves, & the rain making lush the ground, muddy beneath the feet. There is a great sigh of relief in this time as we collectively are experiencing life awakened all around us, soft blossoms to catch our eyes, nutritive weeds to fill the belly

It is now that we feel held by the richness of the earth, taken care of, apart of the fabric of the world: we are being invited to bask in the earthly delights & so, this is a beautiful time to honor them in turn by offering gifts of our love & devotion to the earth, to the birds, to the waters & skies...

When we feel truly nourished, our creative spirit thrives: as we watch the world generate, we too recall our power to bring forth life, to transform our inner landscapes. Life as art, ideas, poetry, music, sex... there is so much to life & it burgeons forth from within. There truly is joy to be had & joy to be shared.

Below, you will find a few ways to celebrate & honor this day & this season. May these practices bring you deep fulfillment & may they inspire you to continue honoring the world in small ways in all your days to come ~

An Arbor / An Altar

Create an altar at the feet of your favorite tree. Suggested offerings for your altar: Comfrey flower essence, a gold ring or necklace, an ode to the tree, a bowl of water, an intuitively created tisane, rose quartz, a bowl of birdseed.

Flowers in the River

Gather a basket of blossoms--anything that is in bloom for you now. In our gardens it is the yellow Iris, Blackberry, Strawflower, Roses, Comfrey, Violets, & Bachelors Buttons. Bring your basket to a nearby stream, river, creek, or ocean. Lovingly offer your blossoms into the waters.

Have a Picnic

Make a delightful spread to be shared outside with your loved ones. Sit on a blanket, let the sun warm your toes & the breeze get into your hair. Make sure to bring a plate of food for your favorite tree + some food for the birds by throwing a handful or two of birdseed out in the yard.

Make a Sun Blossom Tisane

Gather a goodly amount of blossoms--Blackberry, Strawberry, Rose, Violet, Bachelor's Buttons... what is in bloom by you? Gently wash them under water & then place them in a clear jar. Fill your jar to the top with filtered or spring water. Let it sit out in the sun, uncovered, for at least an hour. Strain your flowers away ~ offer them back to the earth ~ enjoy sips of your Sun Blossom Tisane throughout the day & leave a little cup on your Arbor Altar.


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