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Dressing the Solstice light ~

Feed the wood and have a joyful minute,

For the seeds of earthly suns are in it.

— Goethe

December darkens, the nights longer than the days, the moon sitting like an empress amongst the stars ~

Hopefully, we are pivoting towards a slowing down, a spiraling in, a tucking away into the soft velvet comfort of the dark hours. With the cold knocking at our doors, hopefully we are bundled up, curled into the core of our own warmth, our animal self that lays dreaming in its winter fur...

Though we are approaching the darkest point of the year, it is also a time that contains within its center the promise of light returning. December brings us to the Winter Solstice, the longest day of night, but from here on out, the sun only grows stronger & brighter, having had its restful dip into the slumbering sky, having dipped into the depths to bring forth the bright jewel we call light.

There are many ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice & the changing of the season. One of my favorite ways to honor this time of the year is to light a special candle. Using a beeswax candle, I will carve a special symbol into the wax & dress it in an essence. This candle is meant to act as a beacon, as a place to return to, to wish from, to light in the depth of the night when it is the moon's time & the stars scuttle about the sky.

Candles easily & simply bring us into intention & ritual. The candle is a quiet light by which we are able to explore the depth & its mysteries, to connect us to the heavens, to soothe the spirit, & encourage the dreamworld..


You will need

1 beeswax candle

an essence of your choice/intuition

a sewing needle

To dress a candle

  1. Take a moment to sit in meditation, with an intention, or in quiet contemplation

  2. With your sewing needle, begin to intuitively carve symbols or imagery into your beeswax candle--let yourself be guided by your own creative impulses & visions here

  3. Once you have finished carving into your candle, place 3 drops of your essence upon the body of the candle & gently rub the essence into the wax, covering the candle with your essence

  4. Let your dressed candle rest upon an altar space for a night before lighting

  5. On or around the Solstice, light your candle & let its light fill you ~ continue lighting your candle throughout the season, as a gentle ritual & a guiding spirit

Recommended beeswax candle makers:


Recommended essences for the Winter Season:























1 comentário

17 de dez. de 2021

Beautiful post, thank you. Carving into a candle is something that's been recommended to me over the years, although I've never tried it. This may very well be the encouragement I needed to do so. Solstice blessings to you!

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