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In the shade with Prunella ~

Prunella vulgaris... this lovely Mint family member, also known as Self Heal or Heal All, is one of my favorite plants to have in the garden. Prunella makes a gorgeous medicine in almost every form: essence, tincture, oxymel, salve, electuary, dried for tisane, or anything else you may feel inspired by.

When I tune into the energy of Prunella, I tune into the shade & into the edges. Prunella loves these spaces, loves the borders & to respectively grow over their bounds. As a plant ally, Prunella reminds us to take up space, spread out, unfurl within ourselves ~ thus it allows us to simply be as we are, in where we are, happy to spread out because we have a right to reach out beyond the confines of what within us is holding us too small. Prunella reminds us to grow wonky if that is how we need to grow. And this allows us to explore & to grow where we are planted.

Prunella is also one of the first plants I think of when people feel at the end of their rope within their healing journey, maybe the feel resigned to their illness or just like they need to constantly reach out to others for help. Whatever the reason for feeling stagnant or bogged down in our process, the energy of Prunella cools us, soothes us, brings us into the shade for a moment to sip upon some fresh water & to hum us a sweet, subtle song before sending us on our way.

Prunella refills our tanks, re-inspires our own personal healing, restores confidence in our bodies, & reminds us that we have the ability to heal, no matter what, that healing is not just one moment, but rather a series of moments all joined & interlocking, growing this way & that... healing is a spiral journey. I find that this is a large part of the reason why Prunella gives us a feeling of freedom.

This is a beautiful remedy to have around, because it reminds us that we do have the ability to heal, no matter what, at any stage of that process we are in. That all we need to do is put our feet down on the earth & begin, to slow down a bit, to arrive. Prunella wants us to fill ourselves with ourselves: to fill ourselves up to the edges & then spill over.

Prunella helps us to find simplicity within our practice & process. Prunella reminds us that healing & taking care of ourselves is a continuum, a ritual, & a practice. It is an act of learning about ourselves. Prunella says, Trust the wisdom of your body & love the unique skin you are in.


Find some Prunella essence here, the spirit drops here, or the tincture here ~


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