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Rhythm / Devotion of Rebeccah Marie Thiel

Rhythm / Devotion is a series of interviews intended to illuminate the connection to ritual & rhythm in our daily lives. This series explores the intimacy of routine, the magic of the ordinary, & how these small acts of devotion set the stage for larger workings in the world ~

What is your name & where are you in the world?

my name is Rebeccah Marie Thiel and i currently am existing in Raleigh, NC

How do you define yourself & your work?

i define myself as an artist, my current medium is hair. my work is a collaborative experience with the individual, i feel like a guide, leading you to your ideal image of self by adorning your face with hair petals while also creating a three dimensional shape that compliments their profile and lifestyle.

Will you walk us through what a day in your life looks like? Begin with how you greet the morning & how you close off the day in the eve ~

most days i am woken up by our newest member of my small family, bingo. he is my 10 month old red heeler and usually wakes me by wedging his cold wet nose at my neck/jawline or armpit! followed by borrowing his body in between my daughter and self. we are all big time cuddlers! but he is full of energy and ends up being more like a wrestling match of who can tame the beast (bingo being the beast) in hopes to have a few more sections of calm before the day starts rolling.

depending on what my day entails i will brew coffee in my french press or i will make a cup of room temperature matcha latte with pistachio milk. my daughter really enjoys elaborate breakfasts so i begin that process while i poach myself some eggs. while she is all set up eating her breakfast i will get dressed. selecting the outfit to wear really sets the tone for the day and how i show up into this world. certain times of the month i noticed i pull for certain pieces/colors to feel more masculine or feminine. as i write this i am ovulating so i'm pulling for things that make me feel really lovely and sexy!

depending on what day of the week i am then out the door taking my now 7 year old to school on the way to the salon. i always aim to be a bit early to work so i can be mindful and ready for those on my schedule and often will set an intention for the day.

as i finish my work day i like to thank my tools as i clean and put them away. i then take the broom and sweep setting the intention of leaving the stories and energies where they belong--not with me. i then head to my daughters school to pick her up and start our evening routines. it's important to me to have dinner at the table with a candle burning as we talk about our day. i then clean up from dinner, washing the dishes is one of my favorite tasks. it feels so meditative and most of my dishes were created by friends that are ceramicists so i'm feeling in a constant state of love and support while handling them.

i cant help but romanticize my entire day because i have so much to be grateful for. with our NC spring weather i will also do a walk with both pups and my daughter right as the sun is setting/that golden hour time of day. where i live i am surrounded by cemeteries and my daughter likes to say hey to the people buried below. at night i really enjoy a magnesium bath and lately i have been journaling a lot after. there are some nights i find myself scrolling on my phone especially if i indulge in rolling a joint. 

You are a hairstylist & artist ~ how do you prepare yourself &/or your space to enter into these practices? What is the rhythm of your writing/creative process? 

i like to prepare first by selecting an outfit to wear, on days i'm doing color i find myself pulling for dark colors and simple shapes, on days of hair cutting, i primarily want different textures and silhouettes. i then select one or a few tumble stones to have in my pocket or purse to support me within the day. lately dalmation jasper has been my pull, i have a few pieces and they almost look like dice. once in my work space i like to light a candle or burn a smudge stick. before having my guest come over into my area i will imagine myself putting on an indigo jumpsuit to shield myself from energies that are not meant for me. 

What do you do/not do if you are feeling stuck around your work?

for me having a hobby outside of my work is extremely beneficial to keep the stuck feeling at bay. i've worked at a few horse farms and just recently wanted to switch up so i took a small metal welding class. i am someone that must work with my hands and stay busy or those feelings of stuck will creep up. but within my work if it happens i usually will pump the breaks on all of it so i can hold onto the little bit of creative energy for those clients booked on my schedule. i will stop looking at social media which is very much a double edge sword because i do also find myself inspired looking on there at times. i will force myself to go to bed early as well as forcing myself out of bed in the mornings to put my feet in the ground and look at the sun out of the corner of my eyes. to me being stuck is an important part of the creative process and allows me to redefine my focus and it always brings me back to self.

Do you have a movement practice?

i do! i feel always in a state of movement ~ its that aries sun !! but more intentionally yes i in the morning roll around my bed with my pup and daughter, i do some weight lifting kettlebells when i remember. i do wall pilates as well with resistance belts and walks in the evening time. 

What does structure mean to you, or what is your philosophy around ritual/routine?

i feel ritual and routine are who we are, its our code, our authenticity. you are what you do not what you say you do. everyday we are given the choice to show up and what you select and do day to day will either bring you to your goals or inhibit you from them.

What are you listening to, reading, or watching these days?

oh i have fallen into this cozy torchered artist storyteller hole! i am loving zach bryan, colter wall, and sierra ferrell. for books i have a few that i rotate when i make time: for self help--attached. by amir levine and rachel s.f. heller, how we love by milan & kay yerkovich, the wisdom of insecurity by alan watts. for fun--the red tent by anita diamant, the goddess bible by ashra ball, the book of enoch by r.h. charles. as for watching stuff i really don't make time for it because i feel i get that screen stimulation from my phone.

Any last words of wisdom?

no gardener ever made a rose. you can't construct the next version of you, you can only tend the conditions in which it has a chance to grow.

How can we find your work?

instagram: @rebeccahthiel

Thank you so much, Rebeccah, for your inspiring work in this world & for sharing your rhythm devotion with us ~


I connect the essence of Kolkwitzia as a companion to Rebeccah Thiel, her rhythm/devotion, & her work in the world.

I made my Kolkwitzia flower essence (Kolkwitzia amabilis) on a drizzly morning in early June 2020 on Peaceable Street in Redding, CT

Also known as Beauty Bush, Kolkwitzia helps us to tune into our environments on a more grounded, unhurried, & level of awareness. Kolkwitzia allows us to see our worlds for what they are, truly taking things in as they are. It is from this place that we are able to observe before acting, reflect before responding, create a plan, or at least take a pausing breath, before beginning.

It helps us to let go of old phases, places, & people in our lives—attachments to the past, so that we can step into a deeper emotional maturity & awareness of our inner beauty & the beauty of where we are here & now. Kolkwitzia brings us into an incredible, even magical practicality.

Beauty Bush is perfect for those who feel that life is “passing them by,” as it allows them to catch up by simply stepping into the knowledge that they have responsibility & agency over their lives & choices, that we each can create a sense of order, place, & ritual that can hold us in the world.

This essence is also a wonderful, gentle, boundary-creator. It creates a kind of veil or cover for our inner work & interior world, a kind of privacy screen for our daily practices of care & ritual.

Call on Kolkwitzia to develop a deeper trust in yourself & your ability to take care of yourself: it naturally slows our place & deepens our instinct, intuition, & our spiritual practices.



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