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Sun Flood / Solstice Sun

An excerpt from the late June dispatch of Moon Notes ~


... And even in the midst of work, even in the throws of grief, we must remember to breathe, & find moments of pleasure. To create space to delight in the sun, glistening upon this beautiful planet.

In the Northern Hemishpere, we will be celebrating the Summer Solstice on Saturday the 20th of June. This time is the absolute heigth of the Sun's light & energy. As the longest day of the year, it is a time of extreme awareness & speed & warmth. Light is illuminating & as beautiful as that can be, light is also sharp, cutting, & blinding. In the light, we see the entirety of our surroundings & their shadows. There is much to take in. 

So, I want to share a few ideas with you to celebrate this Solstice. To bring some breath, joy, & ease into the thickness of this time. These recomendations may seem too easy, too simple. But trust me when I say, that often it is in the most simple of rituals that we can make & receive the most magic. 

Summer Solstice Celebrations: ---:: Set a clear, clean glass of fresh water outside first thing in the morning. Bless this water with your gratitude & with the intention of bringing awareness into your own being. Let your water soak in the sunlight of the day & take slow sips as the night sets in ---:: Spend more time outside in the sunlight (or the shade or both!) than you do inside  ---:: Cloud-gaze & name at least two shapes that cross the sky above you ---:: Kiss at least one flower or leaf that you encounter ---:: Toss some birdseed out into the yard, or refill your birdfeeders ---:: Eat at least one fresh fruit or vegetable & really savor the flavor, texture, scent, & experience ---:: Listen to some good music & let your hips sway ---:: Make a heart-centered promise to the Sun that you will protect & honor the Earth & all the creatures who inhabit this planet alongside you ---:: Turn the TV off, put your phone on silent, no emails or DM's, don't take any photos. Just be, unencumbered by a screen, for as much of the day as possible ✺✺✺

Herbs & Plants to call upon for the Summer Solstice:

  • Rosemary in tea or a foot bath

  • Belladonna flower essence upon your altar, or in a glass of drinking water

  • Calendula to kiss in the garden

  • Wood Betony to sit with, to add into your tisane, or to eat in a salad

  • Strawberries to snack on

  • Sunflower to leave offerings to

  • Yarrow to make a crown with

May you have a Merry Litha : Midsummer : Sun Day :


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