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A Poetry Prompt ~

You will need:

A pen


A book of your choosing

A solid place to write upon

Some solitude

Turn your phone onto "airplane" mode but set a timer for 14 minutes ~ don't start it quite yet

Pick up your book, & randomly open to a page. Scan the page for a word that strikes you. (You can choose up to 5 if it is a hard decision to make, as there are so many good words in the world)

Close your book, write your 1-5 words at the top of your page & then begin your timer

Let yourself write, uninterrupted, for the entirety of the 14 minutes ~ there is no need to edit, that will come later. This writing needn't make "sense" or create a story. Just treat the words as beads on a string ~ the string is the current of your writing

When the timer goes off, it may startle you, it always startles me. Jot down your last thoughts. Now it is time to edit & shape the piece

This I will leave up to you, only you know how your poem should look, there are many ways poems have looked in the past. Trust your way over those others. You can set your timer again if that was helpful for you before


Call a trusted friend & share your piece with them. Make sure you snail mail or email them a copy to read, as well



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