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New & Updated Essence Descriptions ~

It has been quite awhile since I refreshed my essence writings ~ the last time was in 2019 & my oh my how much has changed since then, no?


Like all things, my descriptions do shift, ever so slightly. As I continue to work with certain essences, my understanding of them deepens & widens & becomes more articulate.

And so, these updates will reflect some of these renewed, more refined sentiments.

There are also new essences I have included! Callary Pear thorn & leaf, Bittercress, & Spreading Dogbane for instance...

One more thing to note: my essence categories have also become more distinct. As my repertory grows, I found it helpful to create more distinguishable collections.

As of this November, all of my essence descriptions are up to date!

I may add more as the year spills into the next one, but for now, I invite you to take a peek & enjoy this bouquet of writing I made for you & in honor of these special remedies.

A new client of mine just shared this lovely feedback with me about my essence descriptions, "it's like reading a list of possibilities, a list of wishes for healing."

May they be just those very things for you: possibilities / wishes for healing.

Enjoy ~

If you'd like a hand in choosing an essence or essences for yourself, I would love to hold consultation space for you. It is a great joy to create a customized blends... these vessels for healing from me to you. Here when you are ready ~


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