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Rhythm / Devotion of Kelli Frances Corrado

Rhythm / Devotion is a series of interviews intended to illuminate the connection to ritual & rhythm in our daily lives. This series explores the intimacy of routine, the magic of the ordinary, & how these small acts of devotion set the stage for larger workings in the world ~

What is your name & where are you in the world? Kelli Frances Corrado and currently I am in Seattle, WA.

How do you define yourself & your work?

I am a singer, songwriter, wanderer and witch.

Everything I do stems from that, but I am also a teaching artist, music engineer, multi-instrumentalist and occasional visual artist.

Will you walk us through what a day in your life looks like? Begin with how you greet the morning & guide us until you close off the day in the eve ~

Right now I am focusing on recording projects and not touring. So I am mainly in one location for this year.

My day starts around 8am with a cup of coffee and a listening meditation exercise outside. This grounds the transition from the dream world to the physical world. I live in a little cabin surrounded by large cedar trees and greenery, at the very north tip of Seattle. It is sonically very inspiring.

After this, I go to my studio and check in on any rituals I am working on. Sometimes this can take 20min or 2 hours depending on what the focus is. By late morning, I start working on music. Currently, I am working on an up-coming new album release, my New Moons monthly music project and a couple of collaborations.

After this, I have lunch and go for a walk. For the rest of the afternoon I teach private music lessons in piano and guitar.

Around 7pm I stop working, have dinner, and go for another walk. The rest of the evening I am relaxing.

You are a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, a mystic, & an occasional visual artist ~ how do you prepare yourself &/or your space to enter into these practices?

Practicing daily rituals and meditations in harmony with the moon cycles and having a creative sanctuary in my home. This space is full of instruments, an altar, books, stones, artwork and a beautiful dark purple chaise lounge couch next to a window. This environment is designed to be a creative cave between the ethereal and physical, a place to daydream.

What do you do/not do if you are feeling stuck around your work?

I think it's important to change how I am interacting in my physical and spiritual environment. If I am feeling mildly stuck, I take the day off and leave the house, maybe go see some visual art or hang out with friends. If it's more serious I have a spiritual guidance counselor I see, who also does Reiki and Acupuncture. If I am completely overwhelmed I will do a 30 day moon map exercise, what I call a 'spiritual reset.' It involves a series of meditations and rituals, abstaining from certain foods and social interactions and asking my guides for help.

Do you have a movement practice?

I walk, alot.

What does structure mean to you, or what is your philosophy around ritual/routine?

Being an artist who integrates their spiritual, artistic and business practices, balance is everything. Having a routine keeps me balanced and focused. Especially, the morning listening exercise first thing, I do that no matter where I am or what I am doing in the world.

What are you listening to, reading, or watching these days?

I am reading Entering Hekates Cave and Entering Hekates Garden both by Cyndi Brannen. Listening to a lot of podcasts; Myths & Legends, LeVar Burton Reads, Tape Op, Tomorrow We Die.

Currently, taking a break from TV.

Any last words of wisdom?

Make your inner archetype real (goddess, warrior, healer etc.). Think it, believe it, dress it, let it be your shield and sword.

And you will be it.

How can we find your work?


Thank you so much, Kelli, for your beautiful work in this world & for sharing your rhythm devotion with us ~


I connect the essence of Chain of Gold as a beautiful companion to Kelli Frances Corrado, her rhythm/devotion, & her work in the world.

I made my Chain of Gold essence in Raleigh, NC beginning on the night of 26 April 2016 until sunrise the following morning, while the sun & moon were in Taurus.

This essence was created with an antique golden chain that I let sit in a coupe filled with fresh spring water. Grounding, strong, yet delicate & adorning all at once: this essence encircles us with all that the element of gold holds. Gold is a dense, soft, malleable, & ductile metal, It is solid & steady: one of the least reactive chemical elements. And throughout history, it has been one of the most sought after metals in the world.

Chain of Gold essence surrounds us in a halo, a golden ring of light. It allows us to feel the radiating warmth & joy of life, to feel energized & filled with creative inspiration, to come out into the spotlight. Calming, grounding, & sure, this essence helps us to feel steady & confident in our creative expressions or when sharing our work with the world.

This essence reminds us of our own inner wealth, restores our reserves, brings us into contact with our own personal strength & endurance. It teaches us that no matter what, our life & the gifts we have to share with the world are innately valuable & unparalleled, because they come from our authentic self.

While Chain of Gold connects us to our ability to manifest our desires into reality, it also holds the reminder of all the “behind the scenes” work it takes to dream & create something truly lasting, so there is a perspective & love for the work that is ever-present in its energy.

Call upon Chain of Gold to imbue a sense of deep rooted & radiating confidence, to shine, to feel encircled by, nourished, & protected. To invite malleability & energy to the spirit & into your creative workings.


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